Discover the world with inCruises South Africa:

Explore a world of possibilities with inCruises, where luxury travel transforms into exceptional business opportunities. Embark on stunning cruises and discover paradisiacal destinations while transforming your lifestyle.

Don’t miss the chance to turn your passion for travel into a profitable business. Watch the video below and discover how inCruises South Africa can be the key to your personal and professional success.

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At inCruises South Africa, you have 3 options:

No matter what your goal is, at inCruises, you always win. You can benefit from our company in 3 ways.

Traveling With A Discount:

With our 2x1 points policy you will save considerably on your trips. We guarantee the lowest price.

Free Subscription:

Invite 5 friends to join inCruises, and you won't have to pay anything more. However, you will continue to receive points every month for your trips.

Receive rewards when you travel

Work with inCruises professionally and, in addition to your travels, you can receive incredible commissions and grow in our Career Plan.


The time has come for you to understand everything about inCruises in South Africa.

In the video, you will learn all the details about how our travel club works and how you can benefit from it.

Every minute counts, so don’t miss your chance to unlock the limitless potential that inCruises US has to offer. Watch now and start shaping a future full of achievements.

Incruises US membership

Elevate your travel experience with an inCruises Membership.


Elevate your travel experience with an inCruises Membership.

* 1 Reward Point (RP) is equivalent to $1 USD. RP’s can only be used to book cruises, hotels & resorts on the inCruises platform. RP’s have no cash value and cannot be converted to cash.

How it works

Discover the 3 simple steps to success with inCruises in South Africa:


The first step is to register with the company. Click on the Registration button and fill in your information on the official website.

Join as a Partner Member:

Upon registration, access your Virtual Office and become a Partner Member to start accumulating points.

Connect People:

Invite everyone you know to explore inCruises. Build a successful team, and in addition to enjoying incredible trips, you can transform your financial life.


Career path

Refer inCruises South Africa to friends and unlock a world of opportunities together.

As new members join your team, you’ll progress through our Career Path. Each level achieved brings greater recognition from our community and increased financial gains.

Explore the leadership levels below that inCruises has prepared for our members.

Marketing Director

Senior Marketing Director

Regional Director

National Director

International Director

executive director

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Ambassador Board of Directors

Ambassador Board of Directors

Royal Ambassador

Royal Ambassador Board of Directors

Marketing Director

Senior Marketing Director

Regional Director

National Director

International Director

executive director

Executive Director


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These are the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any questions that have not been asked and answered on this page, please contact us using the button below.

An inCruises Member is someone who has purchased a Club Membership to create travel value and earn Reward Points. They want to see more of the world.

inCruises Partners are part of our Independent Partner Program and can refer and Activate others into the Club Membership. Many Partners are also “Partner Members”.

No. Although many of our Members are also Partners, it is not mandatory. It is possible to be a Partner, a Member, or both, what we call a “Partner Member.”

If someone wants to become an inCruises Member, they will pay a one time Activation Fee of $100 USD plus their first monthly Membership fee of $100 USD.

There are 5 Partner income sources (Please review our INcome and INcentive Overview document for details):

  1. Activation Bonuses (Daily and Monthly)
  2. Weekly Matching Bonuses (on your direct Partners Activations)
  3. Recurring Income (for ongoing team Membership payments)
  4. Team Leadership Bonus (for team sales volume)
  5. Builders Base Bonus (for team new production)

To book a cruise, hotel or resort stay offered through your inCruises website, you must be an active Member for 14 days after activation or reactivation of your Membership.

As many as you like! There are no limits.

This depends on your Membership Account status. As an Active Member you can book up to 4 cruises per year using (2 for 1) Reward Points. However, when Members are using their (1 for 1) Reward Points to book cruises there are no limits on how many cruises you can book.

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